5Hp Albin 011 restored by Selsey Marine Services


Strictly speaking Selsey Marine in usually Outboard engines, but
occasionally we are asked to do something a bit different. Our client is
an avid enthusiast of wooden sailing yachts and favours authentic
detail. His 1936 yacht was extensively restored over the Winter/Spring
2016. The ideal was to keep the classic Petrol 5HP Albin 011
(predecessor to the Volvo Penta range)instead of changing to a modern Diesel.

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                The Albin had been repaired in the Summer of 2015 by Selsey Marine, but
it was obvious that it had not been restored or accessed for many years.
The main issue was the water pump was not working correctly, after
investigation the open ended cam had badly corroded and the brass key
was not engaging. Our client had only purchased the boat at the
beginning of the season and was keen to get the Albin assessed. It was
decided to remove the engine while the boat was being repaired over the
winter to see if it was a viable repair.

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The Albin 011 was removed in late December. The engine arrived complete
to Selsey Marine, the Dyno Start was sent away to a specialist to be
refurbished. The first task was to make a cradle for the 5hp engine.
Weight wise a 5hp outboard is a small engine which can be easily moved.
The Albin was heavy, really heavy. It needed two people to shuffle the
engine into the workshop.

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Before any work was carried out we had to see if the parts were
available. Albin parts are well supported in Sweden by The Albin Motor
(www.albinmotor.com). Most parts, the cam driving the waterpump is also
the camshaft for the valves all driven by precision metal cogs.  At the
first enquiry it was not looking promising, we had to try other
suppliers throughout Europe, but after two weeks of searching Albin
Motors said they may have a second hand unit suitable.
It turned out to be good.

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In late January the work began. The flywheel was removed, probably for
the first time in 50 years. Though these engines are strong, you cannot
use excessive force or the cast iron can crack. Then the gearbox,
leaving the power unit. The Albin is directly cooled by salt water so as
we dismantled we needed to make a call if the engine was viable. Like
all older engines, not everything goes smoothly. Bolts snap, threads go
and parts need to be replaced.

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Albin Motors supplied all the gaskets, seals, nuts, bolts, studs and
more. It was decided to have a new sump and carburettor fireguard. With
all parts in the engine could be split. All the brass fittings and
carburettor were removed and sonically cleaned. The cylinder head was
removed, 5 studs, one very slightly odd. The stud threads go into the
block and are exposed to the cooling water jacket. All the studs were
removed, and all were badly corroded. The head gasket was removed and
inspected, after the water jacket and it was decided the Albin was
viable to restore.


The engine was split and the old cam shaft removed, compared, measured
and replaced with the new cam from Albin Motor. Then the engine was then
sealed with a new gasket and the work began to remove the years of many
layers of paint. Blow torch, scrapping, wire brush and plenty of elbow
grease. Once all the paint was removed the metal was stabilised and the
painting could begin. Using the original Albin paint the engine started
looking the part.


The engine and gearbox were reattached and the brass work put back. The
engine once rebuilt was tested and started first time, pumping water.
Success. The engine was reinstalled and sea trialled.
Client very happy...

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